Hello, I'm Rebekah Shaw. I Design Websites.


Front-end Development

I love being able to bring ideas together in order to not only make a website but to make it user friendly on any device the user might be using.

Back-end Development

I love not only knowing a site looks well but also that it works well. I love being able to work on the back-end and making the site come together.

Search Engine Optimisation

Once a site has been made it not only needs to look good and work well, it also needs to be found by potential customer.


I am recent Interactive Multimedia Design graduate from Ulster University with skills in Front-end Web Development, Back-end Web Developmen, Wordpress, Google Adwords and Google Analytics. I have a passion for the web and I love creating websites that allow your website to have a higher ranking on Google. While I was at University I spent my placement year working with Google Adwords and am now a registered Google Partner.


Antrim Elim Church website

Antrim Elim Church

Greers Travel Office website

Greers Travel Office


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